This “ghoulish snack” makes a great Halloween S’mores Treat for school snacks or as a kid friendly party favor. Not only is it adorable and easy to assemble but this easy to print one-of-a-kind template with custom rhyming verse ensures that your snack looks as good as it tastes. It also makes for a great Halloween night activity once you get home!

MeatIsNotASideDish Halloween Smores Treat
Serves: 1

What’s Needed:
• 1 mini size Hershey’s® chocolate bar
• 1 Marshmallow Ghost Peeps®
• 2 graham crackers (large enough to form a sandwich)
• 1 Ziploc® standard sized sandwich bag
• Download (right-click save-as) and print the S’mores Header Art (PDF) on a heavy stock paper

Directions: Visit your local grocery store to find the items that are needed. Now, place each item side by side in the sandwich bag. Cut and fold the top header. We’ve found that sliding the bag up toward the top inside fold helps to eliminate any extra hanging down. Two staples through the header and bag worked really well.

If you would like to design your own, here is the text (or you can download the S’mores Header Art (PDF) without text here):

Place a graham cracker on a plate Top with chocolate and its ghostly mate Second cracker completes the stack Heat 10-15 seconds in the microwave for a ghoulish snack!

Want to do another s’mores version for Christmas/Holidays? We created another one just for you here.

By: Sarah M.

Submitted by minasd.