About Kyle

, the owner of MeatIsNotASideDish.com (MINASD), received his bachelor’s degree from Edinboro University. He wrote his first website in 1999 and went live with his portfolio in 2000. Currently, Kyle is a graphic artist, production artist, photographer, and a creative asset to various companies and organizations.

MINASD was created in 2009 after combining Kyle’s interest in cooking, web design, and technology all into one user-friendly website. Kyle has never claimed to be a professional chef or writer, all of his writings are for entertainment purposes only.

Kyle’s photography, recipes and articles have been featured/accepted on sites such as foodgawker, TasteSpotting,¬†RecipeNewz.com, “8 Unexpected Ways to Cook Quinoa” – TheFrisky.com, HealthyAperture.com, TastyKitchen.com, Foodwhirl.com, DessertStalking.com, & Photograzing.SeriousEats.com. His portfolio can be viewed at moderntype.com.