MeatIsNotASideDish Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

Prep time: 10 mins 
Cook time: 40 mins 
Total time: 50 mins 
Serves: 4-6

• 4 thick pork chops
• 3 tbsp butter
• 1 large portabella mushroom cap, diced into 1/4″ squares
• 1/2 clove of garlic
• 1/2 loaf of Tuscan or Italian bread, slightly stale and pulled apart into 1″ pieces
• 1 14oz can of chicken broth
• rosemary, thyme, and pepper to taste
• meat tenderizer

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

To make this Pork Chops with Portabella Stuffing recipe, butterfly pork chops, sprinkle with meat tenderizer and set aside. In a large pot, heat butter and add garlic and portabella pieces. Cook until mushrooms and garlic are browned. Do not drain.

Add torn bread to pot and toss to coat. Add 1/4 c. chicken broth over the bread and toss again. Add rosemary, thyme and pepper and toss. Stuff each pork chop generously with stuffing mixture. Use toothpicks as needed to keep chops closed.

Cook for 30 minutes or until cooked throughout.

By: Sarah M.

Submitted by minasd.