Usually, many assume that when smoking something, it is probably done during the warmer months. But there is no reason you can’t smoke during mid-winter – when temperatures are averaging in the teens.

I was curious to see how the outside temperature would affect whatever I would smoke (and I was craving ribs). So, I set up the smoker and anticipated 5 other adults to help devour my results.

I started with 8.5 lbs of Bone-In Pork Loin Back Ribs, an improvised rib rub recipe and Sticky Fingers Smokehouse Habenero Hot Sauce. I used a similar technique of smoking that I’ve done before. Thoroughly rub the rib rub over the meat and place in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Fire up your smoker for a good 45 minutes until you have a steady temperature. Place your flavored wood chips (wrapped in foil with holes). Then smoke the ribs for 4 hours or until you have reached an internal temperature of 160-165F. I have a new thermometer that I’ve been using (which I will review at a later date) that allows you to monitor the internal temperature while it is grilling. You can even set the display to signal you when you’ve reached a desired internal temperature. But keep in mind, 8.5 lbs in some grills can be a lot of meat. I had to keep rotating the┬áSmoked Bone-in Pork Loin Ribs so the heat stayed consistent throughout.

MeatIsNotASideDish Bone-In Pork Loin Back Ribs Recipe

– Kyle

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