MeatIsNotASideDish Bacon Wrapped Chicken Recipe

Prep time: 15 mins 
Cook time: 50 mins 
Total time: 1hr 5 mins 
Serves: 2-3

• 1 lbs boneless chicken breasts
• 1 clove of garlic, minced
• 1 tsp rosemary
• 1 tsp thyme
• salt and pepper to taste
• 6-8 slices of bacon (2 slices per breast of chicken)
• 1/4 cup olive oil

Mushroom Sauce: (optional)
• 4 oz crimini mushrooms
• 1 tbsp butter
• 1/2 cup milk
• 1 can cream of mushroom soup (gluten free)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

To make Bacon Wrapped Chicken, combine garlic and herbs in a bowl; add olive oil and mix. Cut each chicken breast in half lengthwise and dip in the herb/oil mixture. Wrap each piece of chicken with one piece of bacon in a single layer. Place on baking sheet with wire rack and spray with cooking spray. Cook for 45 minutes until chicken is done. Turn broiler on low for 3-5 minutes to crisp bacon as needed.

While Chicken is cooking, heat butter and add mushrooms in saucepan; cook until tender. In a bowl, combine the mushroom soup and milk. Add to saucepan and stir. Heat over low to medium heat until hot.

Spoon over mushroom sauce and serve with risotto or rice.

By: Sarah M.

Submitted by minasd.