Once you have smoked chicken wings like this, you will never want to order out again.

I started by thawing about a dozen frozen chicken wings. About 4 hours prior to the time I wanted to devour my wings, I dried off the wings and started preparing this delicious rub recipe.

Next, I created a large enough bowl out of aluminum foil with the intention of closing – like a lid over all of the wings, keeping in mind I didn’t want any juices leaking out of the bowl. I followed the dry rub directions and coated the wings. Then I let them sit wrapped in the foil, in the fridge until I was ready to start smoking.

These chicken wings were smoked for about 2 hours, so prior to placing the wings on, I heated up the smoker until it maintained a consistent temperature of 225F, which took about 45 minutes. Once the smoker was good and the apple wood chips were added, I placed the wings (in the foil with a small hole for venting) in the smoker and didn’t lift the lid until the entire 2 hrs was up. The internal temperature of the largest wing registered at 168F and they were ready to eat!

MeatIsNotASideDish Smoked Chicken Wings

MeatIsNotASideDish Smoked Chicken Wings

– Kyle

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